Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Header...

As you can see, the blog's just got a shiny new header :)
I whipped it together today, using a cute little potato print I did earlier- I won't post it down here as well, that'd just be silly.
I'm thinking of doing a set of these prints- maybe for business cards? Or stickers?
I'll keep you informed <3

EDIT: Decided to fiddle with the layout, as I've obviously got my technical head on today! Unfortunately, I'm still very much an amateur at all this, so I'm gonna stick with the changes and see whether I can cope with them indefinitely (or I might get a life, you never know :P).

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mixing it up a bit...

So, the second year Uni results are in.
Good, overall, but I've pretty much been told to Get Interesting. Sound advice, I think :)
The result of this was a messy day yesterday, using paint, fabric, potatoes and a few drawings out of my recent holiday sketchbook.
Nothing fantastic but a big step forward for me, as I drag myself kicking and screaming away from my precious watercolours!


Summer summer summer tiiiiimee...

Honestly, England, I don't recognise you. Where did all this beautiful weather come from??
So, a couple of quick water-colours done while sitting in the sunny garden last week.
I'm recently quite into these POV drawings (mainly inspired by the fact I've been on my own with no-one else to draw!) I think I'm going to do a whole little narrative based on this theme.
The hands are fairly awful, I'm afraid, as I made them up (my actual hands were rather preoccupied with the whole drawing thing :P).